Therapeutic Benefits

The most creative and satisfying interpretation of a dream always results from a dynamic cooperation between patient and analyst. The interpretation must be acceptable to both.

When the analyst’s interpretation resonates with the patient, a spontaneous reaction is created. It is precisely at this instant that the dreamer becomes conscious of something that was unconscious.

Therapeutically, the integration of unconscious contents into consciousness is beneficial in the following ways:

  • The immediate effect is an enlightening, a nourishing, a liberating – all with extraordinary satisfaction.
  • It frees up energy that is made available to consciousness. The patient experiences a new vitality.
  • It enlarges consciousness so as to allow patients to be less one-sided in their perceptions of themselves, others, daily events in their lives, and of the world in general.
  • It increases and strengthens the relationship between the unconscious and consciousness. This development leads one to know other aspects of oneself, and consequently, to be more whole.
Eros & Psyche, François Gérard, 1798, Louvre Museum, Paris

Eros & Psyche, François Gérard, 1798, Louvre Museum, Paris